Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

en Access backup2024/Nakagusuku Castle is on the list of 100 famous castles in Japan. It is also designated as a Japanese historical site as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site, under the title “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Ryukyu Kingdom”.

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By expressway

  • After leaving the airport, go south on 331 and get on the expressway at Tomishiro/Nakachi.
  • Get off the expressway at Kita-Nakagusuku.
  • The castle is about 3 kilometers from the exit (about a 10 minute drive).
  • Take route 81 and make a right at the Adaniya intersection.
  • Follow route 146 until you see the parking lot on your right.

By car

  • From Naha Airport, take route 329 and head north.
  • Go past Yonabaru and Nishihara.
  • Make a left at the Nakagusuku Park Entrance intersection.
  • Follow route 146 until you see the parking lot on your left.

Parking lot - charge information office

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  • World Heritage (Gusuku and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu)
  • Designated Historic Sites in Japan
  • 100 Best Castles in Japan
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